Friday, 2 November 2007

arrhythmia rules so lets start a revolution

Well this is my blog and to start with its for me. Just to put on record dealing with arrhythmia: what it does to you, how you feel, how it does your head as well as your heart. And of course how I continue to do some of the things I want, that are important to me as well as some of what I have to do as part of life.
I hope some folk may find it interesting, even useful.
I will put in bits about me as things go on.
But to start with I'm 62, a war baby born in June 45, male. I started being aware of
arrhythmias about 6 to 7 years ago. I used to jog each morning and started getting these racing heart beats. They left me breathless and not able to jog. Eventually went to the Dr and had a few tests. I was told my heart was basically sound and they prescribed beta blockers - Sotalol. Did not take them for a year but in Feb 05 I was planning a cycle trip to the French alps with a friend of mine and reckoned I ought to take them to make sure I gave the trip my best shot.
Col de Noyer nr Gap
Finally came off the beta blockers at New Year 07 and currently do not take anything directly for the arrhythmia.
Still try to cycle, keep fit etc as will become clear with the blog. Oh arrhythmias - well 3 to 12 per month they usually last 12 to 20 hours, occasionally a day plus.
So that will do for now. Except this is meant to be a diary blog. So today.
Bit knackered this morning after cutting logs for our mushroom business yesterday - 4 hours shifted and cut a few tons of logs. Had an arrhythmia during the night, not surprising since its been a heavy week with late nights. The surprise was my pulse was normal in the morning: 62-64. Slightly raised from my base of 56 but expected after the work and the late nights. Actually its the first morning for a few days where the pulse has been where it "ought" to be, past few mornings it has been a bit low which is always a bad sign.
So tired today, plutered (ie did little) doing things on the computer then went for another load of logs this afternoon. So in all about 80 mins of labour with pulse about 85. Felt better after the work
Previous winters I have done the tree felling as well as cutting. This year we are buying in the logs pre cut to 1 or 2 metre lengths and it seems to be working well so far.
I have this hypothesis that arrhythmias are partly the result of inappropriate body and heart stress. Low level work say to 65% max heart rate (and perhaps lower if less fit) will strengthen the heart and body against arrhythmias and reduce their incidence. Being sedentary or tired or inappropriate stress will all encourage arrhythmias. Feel this week supports my hypothesis.

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