Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Missed a couple of sessions over the last week but had some good ones to. Thursday evening had an hour or so kayaking.
Friday saw me on the bike going shorter with some higher heart rate efforts. Only 30 seconds efforts but had a heart rate up to about 85% max. Done at the wrong time an effort like this will bring on an arrhythmia but I know these sort of efforts will steadily improve the heart condition and ability to do them. So its progress carefully. Actually had only intended to go to 80% but it all worked fine. So did 33k and very pleased with the six efforts. Here is the workout though readings are every 20 seconds so can miss the higher or lower readings.The weekend was full of bad weather, rain, snow and high winds. Well thats my excuse. There were also other things to do like get the computer to work with our new large teli. And to an extent thinking over a post on the Cardiac Athlete website had me unsettled.

Tonight did my weights. I view weights as core training. It wont directly help the cycling but it will certainly help me. So at this time of year I want to maintain rather than push the weights. I had settled on 2 sets of 5 reps as a balance between strength, time and effort. I then reckoned that these were a proving a bit hard and did not want to reduce the poundage - obstinate.
So I have compromised a bit: one set of 5 lower weight, one higher - near max single rep then a set of 5 (or whatever for bench press) at the previous weight. Proving very good. I like it and it seems to have less overall body stress yet overall a higher strength component. Re the bench press I dislocated a shoulder almost six years ago - for the second time. Though I have worked it carefully I still get odd niggles so am careful to avoid them. Bench press and press ups can niggle.
1 circuit warm up (9 press ups)
Bent over Rowing 47k @6 57k @2 52k @ 5
Bench Press 47k @6 57k @1 52k @ 4
SL Dead Lift 87k @6 97k @1 92k @ 5
heals raise 87k @6 97k @1 92k @ 5
Squat Jump 52k @10
Press 13k @ 6 6
Lat raise 6k @ 6 6
front raise 6k @ 6 6
Abs 4 exercises 2 sets @ 20 25 30 30
This is the second session like this the first was last Wednesday.
Reduced one abs set to 20 reps which seems fine.

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