Monday, 10 March 2008

catching up a little

Back again and hopefully will be better at keeping things up as a training log.

I keep a daily log of all that seems linked to arrhythmias so I should be able to use it easily for this - I hope.
I will skip most things just now except to say I have regular arrhythmias which knock the stuffing out of any real training.
However I still manage to enjoy myself and I would like to share it all with you.
Biggest aims are overall fitness and cycling related. I did 3,900 kilometres last year and aim for 5,000+ this. Not too concerned about speed but yes would like to be faster! Currently mostly about 20kph but depends on the hills.
Have done about 500k in each of January and Feb and probably pushed a little hard towards the end in Feb. Do some weights training and had a target for winter end ie Feb which probably had me pushing a wee bit to hard. Together they suggest over training plus I have had more arrhythmias so far this month and not been able to manage them. Out of 35 sessions cycling this year 10 have started arrhythmias and four of those this month. So more reason to think I have overdone things a little.
So Sunday did the following:
weights down very slightly from previous session:
Bent over Rowing 52k x5 &5
Bench Press (still affected by dislocated shoulder 5yrs ago) 52k x4 & 3
straight leg dead lift 89.5k x5 &5
heals raise 89.5k 5 5
Squat Jump 52k 10 (1set only I do enough cycling)
Press 13k x6 &6 (single arm dumb bell press each arm)
Lateral arm raise 6k x6 &6 (lying on side raise arm away from side)
front arm raise 6k 6 6 (lying on back raise arm)
Abs 4 exercises, two sets
1 lying on front, support to thigh, secure legs & bend trunk down then raise up 25 then 20 (aim is 2x 25)
2 same only lying on back. 25 then 25 they are easier
3 turn round repeat raising straight legs while lying on back and then on front. 30 twice for each.
Felt OK not too pushy though I note pulse was lower than usual.
Then cycled 11K. Using a fixed wheel bike I have just fixed up. Aim was a low gear and pedal quickly and not work to hard. Worked fine except I let my pulse go high 124 bpm on the hill to our house (its 10%) and being passed by a big machine got an arrhythmia just as I stopped. Damn.
Got just over 9 hours sleep. I reckon sleep is a crucial factor and for me even 9 hours is not really enough.
Arrhythmia cleared this afternoon so lasted 20 hours and did nothing today. I had planned about 20k.
By the way max pulse is believed to be about 165. Aim at the moment is to not go higher than 115 or 70% with most of a run below 110. Have been going to 120 or so which requires extra recovery and I have not been allowing for it.
OK thats a start.
My son wants help with his car, dogs need walked and I want to go to bed.

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