Friday, 14 March 2008

Out on Wed evening using a fixed wheel. Promised myself to go steady in a strong wind. OK got carried away in a tail wind to see how fast I could pedal. 178 is not bad without shoe plates. I have been using a mid shoe position over the pedals & changed to look pedals. I don't have a set for my fixed bike and anyway the toe overlap concerns me. So platform pedals & no shoe plates. Must fix the back brake though! Anyway it set off an arrhythmia. So had a disturbed nights sleep.
Arrhythmia still going on Thursday but I felt OK. I think because I have been getting more rest. Despite the arrhythmia I went out on my planned ride. A beautiful run round north Formartine into Buchan.Sightings of a flight of geese overhead, a dear & heron beside the road just adding to the day.
Took care to manage my effort, never push too hard and to fuel all the time. With the arrhythmia I can keep my pulse broadly in the 120-160 range. It bounces about. On hills I can generally keep within a 169 max with occasional bounces above and still climb at 450 metres per hour. I can live with that. So 75k, 700 metres of climbing and 18+kph.
If my arrhythmia becomes permanent & I can still do days like this life will still be good. Just made a brilliant evening. Dinner was ready when I got in and the arrhythmia cleared. What more could I ask.

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