Tuesday, 11 March 2008


Well got a good nights sleep last night, we all slept in and had a bit of a rush for school and work. But felt better for a 10hr rest. Often after a good sleep its as if my body does not want to get going for the whole day. My pulse can be low and I am liable to arrhythmias. However pulse was 57 this morning, which is middling and ok. I have been fine.
Home from work late so missed out on the cycling.
Did my weights the same as Sunday. Kept the same because I have limited goals for the weights - its more about maintenance now. And I reckon I have been over doing it recently.
1 circuit of warm up exercises
Bent over Rowing 52k @ 5 5
Bench Press 52k @ 4 3
SL Dead Lift 89.5k @ 5 5
heals raise 89.5k @ 5 5
Squat Jump 52k@ 10
Press 13k @ 6 6
Lat raise 6k @ 6 6
front raise 6k @ 6 6
Abs 4 exercises 2 sets @ 25 20 30 30
about 40 mins
Here's to a good nights rest.

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