Saturday, 3 October 2009

Being more than a bit lethargic just now. No paddling last night and not much done today. However opened a face book account, how does it find your contacts?
Also put photos on flickr.

A fib has been fairly quiet. Started at 4am and I took 3 flec. It cleared after about 4 hours but I couldn't sleep for a good hour or so. There are 2 techniques that seem to work. Either an all body gently work out / stretch or simple tensioning muscles throughout my body for about 25 seconds each and then relaxing seems to work. In either case followed by something to fill the brain like counting sheep. Only I use reciting poetry or song. Usually the same ones and repeatedly, you don't want anything to think about. I think using the same ones acts as a trigger or que for the brain to shut down.
Total afib for the week now about 35 hours and its 136 hours of the week. Thats pretty good.

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