Friday, 2 October 2009

Slept soundly last night which contributed to an arrhythmia starting at 4am when I got up for the toilet. Took 3 flecainide but that did not help. It finally cleared once I was up and about, and feeling pretty good after a good nights sleep. If I am tired I can sometimes ignore the arrhythmia and sleep through it.

Been a hectic few days. Up at 5am on Tuesday to go down to a conference on direct payments for disabled people to manage their own support. Why is it that seminars supposedly designed for a consultation are so awful? It is not rocket science to do it well but this was particularly bad. The only saving grace was a short chat with a West Lothian Social Worker which was very worthwhile.

Anyway did not get to bed early the night before, bed late that night since Ann & I went to a meeting discussing wind farms with friends. After being sociable I then walked to dog, so well after midnight.

Wednesday was Carriage Driving for the Disabled. I help by cycling with the carriage in case needed. However it was the 40th anniversary of riding for disabled so they had arranged for all the branches to have a timed lesson to have the world's largest riding lesson. So there was no real cycling but still jobs to be done.
In the afternoon Ann persuaded me to look at a couple of young dogs, sisters, that had been taken to the vet to be put down. The Vet was not keen to do that and was trying to re home them. Ann would love a second dog. Against my better judgement I agreed we might take one for two weeks "to help out". Anyway its a lab cross bitch, probably a bit of bull terrier in it. Pleasant enough dog but of course it would not settle at night. Of course it was me settling it down for the night and it was 2 am before it stopped barking.. Our lab Holly was accepting enough but was certainly making sure it knew it was bottom of the pile.

Just to keep Ann happy it killed one of our ducks. That will take some management to ensure it does not do that again. Perhaps it has just settled its future and will be re homed but not here. We will see.

So a good nights sleep last night is a change for this week.

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