Saturday, 24 October 2009

This week has been a complete contrast. Started off being tired, very late to bed and significant deterioration in mood. So 29 hours of AF by Tuesday evening and I think a few more before almost lunch time Wednesday and the start of the longest AF for a while - 2 days ie 46 hours. I took 150mg of flecainide early on with no effect. Not sure when I tried again.

Went jogging 3k on Wed before the AF and Thursday while in AF. Then in the evening to the Alford pool kayak session. The AF cleared Friday morning after taking another dose of 150mg flec in the morning. Iin the afternoon I paddled the Don from Kemnay to Inverurie 5 miles or so in high flows and cycled 10k back. But rather than more arrhythmia with the exercise Friday saw the start of the longest session of NSR for at least six weeks. By Sat evening 34 hours when the next AF started. I have not exceeded 24 hours of NSR for a long time. Cycled 12k on Sat am.

Does it suggest that there is a cycle - the body needs to go through a cycle and corrects itself in some way. This certainly something I have felt before and others have suggested.

By Sunday evening I had had about 93 hours of AF for the week. Worst for ages.

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